Our Services

Marquette Enterprises, a nationwide grassroots consulting firm, excels in on-the-ground outreach, strategic GOTV initiatives, comprehensive data collection through in-depth phone surveys, messaging, voter registration, and effective personnel management. Serving a diverse clientele, including businesses, public services, government entities, state factions, national assemblies, political campaigns, PACs, and super PACs, we leverage our extensive grassroots mobilization network across all 50 states. Collaborating with you, we craft a bespoke program precisely aligned with your outreach objectives and budget.


Our team stands out as a leader in the industry! Across the nation, we excel in conducting in-person outreach and utilizing data-driven strategies to connect with voters.

Ballot Initiatives

In high-stakes campaigns, having a dedicated team is crucial. Our team is unparalleled – the most extensively trained and experienced petition gatherers nationwide, fully committed to advancing your cause.

Ballot Access

Recognizing that securing a spot on the ballot is the initial hurdle, our team excels in this crucial task. Our unparalleled proficiency in collecting ballot access signatures sets us apart, making us the best in the field.

P2P Digital Messaging

Recognizing the synergy between door-to-door engagement and peer-to-peer texting, our seasoned data team leverages its expertise to send impactful text messages post-canvassing, enhancing the effectiveness of your campaign.

Ready To Win?

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